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Spring into Colour

As Leo Tolstoy once wrote, “spring is the time of plans and projects”, it’s late October and it’s safe to say that the long awaited spring weather has finally set in, daffodils are sprouting and the sun is peaking out from behind the clouds. It’s a known phenomenon that the dreaded winter months can leave you feeling lacklustre and a tad dull. Creating a home environment that is conducive to happiness is necessary and the best way to say goodbye to the winter blues.

Spring is all about the essence of freshness and vitality, not only do your wardrobes get a healthy refurbish, your cushions and windows should too. Spring is the best excuse to give your home a revamp and a little bit of a spruce up. As the majority of you discard your many layers of winter wear, don’t think twice about discarding that old and dreary looking pillow. Spring is the time for rebirth, rejuvenation and renewal. Take advantage of the essence Spring carries; let your 2014 spring clean be the best one yet!

This season we will be keeping you well informed on the many happenings of the latest home design trends and will be keeping you up to date on the what to do / not to do in your home during this time of year. We will be covering the basics of colour;do you feel anxious in a yellow room? Does the colour blue make you feel calm and relaxed? Artists and interior designers have long understood how colour can dramatically affect moods, feelings, and emotions. This will lead into discussing the various colour trends spring brings about. However spring trends aren’t just limited to colour. This 2014 spring season we have seen an influx of geometric shapes, patterns and textures. From posh pastels to flouncy floral we have got you covered. From there we will be virtually making over a home. We will be going through all of the main rooms in a home and giving you tips and tricks on how to enhance each room. Interior decorating is not only limited to indoors, the hotter the temperature gets the more likely you are to be spending your days out in the backyard.  We will show you how you can extend that feeling of interconnectivity and flow between your interior and the outdoors.

The idea of opting for seasonal changes to your homes decor is to ensure that there is some visual and geometric contrast from time to time. People underestimate the difference a redecoration change can have for your lifestyle, it wont cost you an arm and leg and will be worth every penny. Spring is light, energizing and refreshing. It is a time when you feel as though you can start over, a feeling and sense of new beginnings. Your new beginning can start with small steps. So are you ready to give your home a fabulous makeover this spring? Will it be a change of decor or grand transformation of the whole house?

byDizine are specialists in interior design and colour consultancy. We know colour matters. Inspired by natures vibrant palette byDizine brings the vitality of the new season indoors using extracts of spring to re-energise your home. From a single chair to your entire home décor, let byDizine throw open the doors and bring in the colour of spring.