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Scale And Proportion

Today we are focusing on the elements of interior design; scale and proportion. In the design domain, one of the most important objectives and goals for a project is to enhance the everyday environments we experience. Although there are many design elements that need to be considered in order to complete this design process. Scale and proportion are detrimental to a designs success. Proportion and scale have the largest impact on spatial functionality.

Proportion is mainly concerned with the relationship of one element to another.  It pleases the eye to see good proportion and we are elementally disturbed when we are in an un-proportional environment. Proportion can only be determined with visual judgment, which is why it’s great to ask a professional for advice on whether the proportions are off or not.

Scale is a word often used interchangeably with proportion although there is one subtle but defining difference between the two definitions. The word scale implies the comparison of objects where the actual size of one object is know, proportion relates to the general size two or more objects. 

The proportion of objects can alter the way spaces look and feel. While the majority of conventional designers tend to make sure the space they are decorating looks as proportional as possible. There is a new wave of trends that tend to amplify proportional distortions. If a designer wants to emphasise a particular space or element in an environment they will accentuate an objects disproportion eg: By placing a large pendant light over a till counter or boardroom table will draw attention to that particular area.

Qualities such as scale, proportion, are subjective; they are experienced in different ways by different people. But in general, out-of-scale or off-balance conditions, like a window too small, or awkwardly placed, for its wall, are universally experienced as jarring, while appropriately scaled and balanced compositions give most people a favourable visual and emotional impression. As an interior designer one of the main goals is to create an environment that pleases your clientele.